Wrangler Footwear

Cool, Comfortable, Casual.
It's as simple as that.

The WRANGLER brand name is known world wide.  Footwear has had a high profile within the company for many years and its success is helped by up to date fashion collections, in keeping with the brand identity, and complemented by an internationally known clothing line.

All our WRANGLER Footwear is designed in Ireland and manufactured in Portugal, using only the finest high quality leather.  With four or more tailored collections annually, you are sure to be inspired by our large range of casual and formal styles.

Traditionally WRANGLER Footwear was associated with a western cowboy image; but today focuses on styles which are rugged and edgy, while still offering a casual and natural feel.

Wrangler Footwear

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Wrangler Footwear Wrangler Footwear Wrangler Footwear Wrangler Footwear